PET Blister Packing Tray Thermoforming Machine

PET Blister Packing Tray Thermoforming Machine

1. Working stations adopt four-pillar structure. --more stable and more precise.2. Touch screen, PLC and servo motor adopt Delta brand from Taiwan.3.Heaters adopts “Elstein” from Germany, vacuum insulation cotton--save more energy.TTF series thermoforming machine is forming, cutting and stacking in one line. It is completely driven by servo motor, stable operation, low noise, high efficiency,

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 PET Blister Packing Tray Thermoforming Machine


1.The combination of Positive and Negative Pressure, make the product's texture is better than the Negative pressure forming products, product weight maintain stability.

2.The finished product for PET blister packing tray thermoforming machine is more precise and stable in relative dimensions.

3.Forming, cutting, piling and transforming could be finished synchronously, only need one people to do the packaging. Product is safe and sanitary, and no second pollution.

4.Cutting, piling and feeding all controlled by Servo, accurate and no error.

5.Adopt PLC and Touch Screen Control, Convenient in operation.

6.The function of Spraying, Vacuuming, demoulding, stretching guarantee the quality of products.

7.The Positive and Negative platform could be choose from our standard four types according to customer's demands.

8.Our Standard equipment has Forming, Side Punching hole, Punching hole, cutting and piling five Station. You may choose the function according to your own demand.

9.The Cutting method could be inner punching die cutting or moving die cutting, at your choice. 


PET Blister Packing Tray Thermoforming Machine

PET Blister Packing Tray Thermoforming Machine


Q1:How long does it take to deliver the machine after the order & deposit?

A1:Usually it will take 90 working days to manufacture the machine and make it ready to deliver. At first 30 days the technical drawing will be made. The second 30 days start manufacturing the parts and ready to assemble. In the last 30 days the machine will be assembled and tuned to make sure it is ready to deliver.

Q2:What do you need to make a specific offer for my product?

A2:To make a special offer we will need the dimension(s) of the package(s) you want to use on this machine. We also need the approximate production capacity you need per day. If with other special request please also inform us before we make the project.

Q3:Can you offer oversea service for PET blister packing tray thermoforming machine?

A3:Yes, if request. But we suggest online problem solving at first. If the problem still shows we can arrange engineer to go to your factory personally to solve the issue.

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PET Blister Packing Tray Thermoforming Machine

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