PP Tray Forming Machine

Application: TTF series thermoforming machine is forming, cutting and stacking in one line. It is completely driven by servo motor, stable operation, low noise, high efficiency, suitable for producing plastic trays, containers, boxes, lids, etc. Main Technical Parameter: Specification: 1.Working...

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PP Tray Forming Machine

PP tray forming machine

Application of PP Tray Forming Machine

PP tray forming machine is suitable to high demand of food packaging products: Lid, fresh, tray, moon cake tray, disposal food tray and boxes, instant noodle bowl lid, the tea/coffee cup lid, ice creams cups, jelly cups, household plastic packaging containers and etc.

Main function:

1. positive and negative pressure forming device.
2.touch screen computer temperature module point to point control function.
3.automatic stack counting function.
4.edge automatic rewinding function.
5.safety protection device.

6. Fully servo driven machine.no noise,no vibration,forming good and fast.

7. Furnaces automatic removal device.can be turned down at any time during production without breaking the sheet,reaching without wasting materials;

Sample of pp tray forming machine


Operation process

Sheet feeding-sheet heating-forming station-cutting station-stacking station-waste material rewinding

PP Tray Forming Machine

Main Technical Parameter of pp tray forming machine



Forming Area

 400mm x 300 mm

Forming Depth (Max.)


Sheet thickness


Forming Speed (Max.)

 35 times/min

Air pressure  


Air consumption  

 2 m³/min

Water consumption  

 0.7 m³/h

Sheet width (Max.)


Suitable Sheet

 PP, PS, HIPS, PET, PVC,etc.

Power supply

 AC 380V, 50Hz, Three-phase, Four-wire

Rated power









PP Tray Forming Machine


PP Tray Forming Machine

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PP Tray Forming Machine


PP Tray Forming Machine





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