Plastic Trays Production Machine

Application: 1 . The machine designed for sheet feeding, forming ,cut in one line 2. Its finished products are widely used in sealed package of toys, hardware, cosmetics, electronic products (batteries,electronic components and so on), foodstuff (fruits pallets, snack boxes, biscuit boxes, food...

Product Details


1.The machine designed for sheet feeding, forming ,cut in one line
2. Its finished products are widely used in sealed package of toys, hardware, cosmetics, electronic products (batteries,electronic components and so on), foodstuff (fruits pallets, snack boxes, biscuit boxes, food dishes, trays etc.).

Main Technical Parameter


Forming Area820mm × 560mm
Forming Depth (Max)125mm
Forming Speed (Max) 20-30 recycles/min
Suitable Sheet
(PP, PS, PE, PET, PVC) plastic sheet, foam sheet
Sheet Width (Max)850mm
Rated Power223kw


1. Working stations adopt four-pillar structure----
more stable
 and more precise.

2. Touch screen, PLC and servo motor adopt Siemens brand from Germany.

3. Three main working stations are completely driven by Servo motor.
Plastic Automatic Fast Food Tray Container Forming Machine

4. Heating tile adopts "Elstein" brand from Germanyvacuum insulation cotton--save moreenergy.
Plastic Automatic Fast Food Tray Container Forming Machine

5. Positive & negative air pressure system of forming station--more efficient.

6. Symmetric swing link mechanism to avoid lateral abrasion of four pillars.
Plastic Automatic Fast Food Tray Container Forming Machine

7. Machine mechanism can be lubricated automatically at certain times.

8. Stacking & Pushing process adopts servo rectilineal mechanism, which is more stable & steady. 

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