Three Station Thermoforming Machine

TTF-520A Full-Automatic Three-station Plastic Thermoforming Machine SAMPLE:

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TTF-520A Full-Automatic Three-station Plastic  Thermoforming Machine



Product Description: The electric heating furnace temperature control system adopts full computer intelligent automatic compensation control. The partition one control one adopts digital input, has fine adjustment precision, uniform temperature and fast heating (only 3 minutes from 0-400 degrees), stable (not subject to External voltage influence, temperature fluctuation does not exceed 1 degree). Low energy consumption (about 15% energy saving) and long service life of the hot furnace.

1. Integrated type, punching, stacking, counting as one;

2. The most advanced cam structure ;

3. The electric furnace has flexible movement mode (movable before and after), which can be applied to smaller layout products;

4. Automatic winding of scraps;

5. The width of the feed chain rail can be adjusted synchronously or separately;

6. The electric furnace automatically removes the device;

7. The mechanical winding device of the plastic machine reduces the labor intensity of workers.

 Main applications: Commonly used materials are PVC, PET, APET, PETG, PP, PE, PS, EPS, EPOS, starch degradation materials, photoelectric degradation materials, flocking materials. It is widely used in mass production of food, hardware, electronics, stationery, medical supplies, daily necessities, cosmetics, handicrafts, toys and other industrial products.

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