Sheet Glass Making Machinery

Sheet Glass Making Machinery

SAMPLE APPLICATION AREA The sheet extruder is composed of extrusion, calendaring, traction and rolling. The main parts are abrasion resistant, resistant to corrosion, high-temperature resistant by high quality specially-treated. Low resistance force in die head extruding channel makes sheet...

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Sheet Glass Making Machinery--Raw Material
1. can be virgin plastic material. PP, PS
2. can be recyclable material, like PP ,PS Bottle Flakes, PP, PS granules

Sheet Specification:
Max Sheet Width: 670mm
Usual Sheet Thickness: 0.3-2.0mm 



Industrial plants, warehouses, stadiums, shelters, gardens, agricultural greenhouses, corridors and canopies. Greenhouse lighting in the field of flora and fauna, industrial and civil building roofs and walls, such as factory building day lighting bands, hotels, stadiums, swimming pools and parking lots.


This feature looks beautiful, elegant and noble. They are widely used in construction factories, hotels and mobile homes.

This machine has the best quality and the best price. It has precise measurements and is easy to operate. We can design and manufacture special machines according to customer requirements. We can provide technical guidance, production, installation, commissioning and maintenance services for all customers.

Technical Parameter  

Technical parameter
suitable sheetPP,PS
Sheet Width670mm
Sheet Thickness0.3-2.0mm
Screw rod dia95mm
motor power75kw
max output250kg/hr
rated power181kw
WeightAbout 5.8T


A.Extruder part: 1 set

Screw & Barrel material: 38 CrMoAIA after nitrogen treatment with optimum hardness, strong corrosion resistance and long sevice lifetime.

B.Die head part:1 set

T-die design: like cloth-hanger, enable the melting material be flowed evenly from the outlet.

C.Filter part:1 set 

Net change: by hydraulic system, it includes double filters.

E.3 Rollers part: 1 set 

The cooling way: It's gyroidal way(not linear way) to cool each roller as inside roller has many channel irons. In order  to equably cool sheet, sheet thickness is same.

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