Polystyrene Sheet Making Machine

Polystyrene Sheet Making Machine

APPLICATION AREA The sheet extruder is composed of extrusion, calendaring, traction and rolling. The main parts are abrasion resistant, resistant to corrosion, high-temperature resistant by high quality specially-treated. Low resistance force in die head extruding channel makes sheet thickness...

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This polystyrene sheet making machine can make PP & PS sheet extruder in two colors, we have two models TJS-750 & TJS-670, which is depend on customers' requirement.It is designed to make packaging for high-grade goods, industrial machinery parts,container for pharmaceutical and medical products,various types of lunch boxes, trays and containers and toy and educational materials due to easy-fabrication.


-Output 250kg/hr 
-Good quality T die 
-Hydrauli Changer net 
-Delta frequency converter 
-Double working rewinder

Feature of the products

  • Glossy surface,excellent cushioning andinsulation effect

  • Tasteless, odorless and non-toxic,moisture-proof,anti-corrosion with chemicals

  • Printable, foldable, moisture and water resistant, low steam and air permeability

  • Cost effective

  • Made of polystyrene, it is eco-friendly, recyclable,light weight


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