Polystyrene Sheet Extrusion Line

Polystyrene Sheet Extrusion Line

APPLICATION AREA The sheet extruder is composed of extrusion, calendaring, traction and rolling. The main parts are abrasion resistant, resistant to corrosion, high-temperature resistant by high quality specially-treated. Low resistance force in die head extruding channel makes sheet thickness...

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This polystyrene sheet extrusion line is suitable for producing two colors PP/PS sheet. It extrudes granule to sheet which is used for producing different kind of plastic cups, food containers, trays, dishes, bowls, trays, lids, etc. 

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Main Features:

Double -layer sprial co-extrusion die head.

Complete inner cooling systerm. 

Unique separated dies and moulds for each size. 

Horizontal structure corrugator. 

Vacuum forming. 

Double-layer belling inline. 

The most innovated technology for complete line insures high production speed and perfect out layer,inner layer surface


polystyrene sheet extrusion

Technical Parameter:

polystyrene sheet extrusion

Packing & Shipping:

polystyrene sheet extrusion

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polystyrene sheet extrusion

Our Service:

1. When installing polystyrene sheet extrusion line, people of both sides cooperate well and carefully, buyer supplies convenient working condition, any problem, should discuss peacefully and kindly.

2. Buyer supply proper working tools, equipments and other conditions.

3. The expense including the accommodation and materials of the trial-run the machine for testing and other expenses(electric, water, air and worker) will be on seller's account,  if the buyer or their representatives do the inspection of the machines before shipment.

4. Guarantee period: 13 months since the machine shipping date from supplier's factory.

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polystyrene sheet extrusion

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