Disposable Plate Forming Machine

TTF series thermoforming machine is forming, punching,cutting and stacking in one line. It is completely driven by servo motor, stable operation, low noise, high efficiency, suitable for producing plastic plates, trays, clamshell containers, boxes, lids, etc.

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Disposable Plate Forming Machine





Disposable plate forming machine is used to produce different kinds of plates, egg trays, biscuit box, clamshell packing, lids, containers and etc. It uses servo motor for the whole machine running. 


1. Heater is from Elstein Germany, saving 40% energy

2. Forming type is positive and negative forming which makes the quality better.

3. Upper mould and lower mould for each stations are all driven by sevo motor.

4. It is developed by CE,ISO certification.

5. Dimension(L*W*H):6000*2000*3100mm

6. Personalized service is provided.You can autonomously choose the size, shape  and pattern.

7. High productivity makes it capable of mas production.

8. Powered by electricity, it just need two worker to operate the machine with lagre capacity,greatly improving the production effciency.

9. All the finished products are the same,with no error.

10. Endurance,made of alumium alloy material makes it can be used over and over again.

11. And its produts are disposable,environmentally friendly,without pollutants.

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