The Difference Between Injection Molding Machine, Blister Machine And Thermoforming Machine

- Aug 08, 2018 -

1. The forming method : the forming method of the plastic cup machine is different from the injection molding of the injection molding machine; similar to the blister, the granule-treated sheet is used as the production material. The difference is mainly in the use of negative air pressure for the blister and the positive air pressure for the cup making machine. And the molded products are connected together, and need to be punched twice, and the disposable plastic cup making machine is provided with a knife edge, which can be cut immediately after the product is formed.

2.Comparison of product effects: Injection molding products are usually thicker. In recent years, thin-wall injection molding technology has been improved, and products can be made thinner. The advantage is that the injection molded product can be made particularly bright and has a high transparency. The disadvantage is that the product is more "crunchy", such as fast food boxes and disposable packaging boxes , injection molding products do not have the toughness and non-fragmentation characteristics of plastic cup machine products.The application of blister in disposable tableware is relatively small. Because of the process of making PP material, the appearance of the product usually presents a "fog" state due to process cooling problems. And because of the need for secondary punching, the output is difficult to increase. Blister has advantages in packaging, such as egg boxes, biscuit boxes, etc.

3.Comparison of production costs:Injection molding machines, blister machines, and cupping machines are similar in terms of the price of ordinary equipment. The biggest difference is in the mold, after all, the machine needs to be added when it is scaled up. The mold is often replaced in daily production. Between the three, the plastic mold is the cheapest, the cup machine mold is second, the injection mold is the most expensive. The most common injection molds are also several times the price of several times several times, and sometimes even a set of molds can get the price of an injection molding machine.

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