Automatic Plastic Making Machine

APPLICATION AREA : Plastic thermoforming machine adopts servo motor for sheet feeding and stretching, PLC for programme, touch screen for operation, stable, low noise, high efficiency. S A M P L E : cupbowl, lid traybox, container

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Plastic thermoforming machine adopts servo  motor and  PLC  programming, touch screen  operation, which is stable, with  low noise, high efficiency.

With four pillars design, the machine can obtain bigger forming area and larger output and also with adopting servo motor feeding,stretching  and PLC control system, heater can save energy 70%.It is perfect for  producing various kinds of disposable plastic cup,plastic containers of cool  drinks,sour milk,ice-cream,fast food,as well as different kinds of merchandise packages of medicine, and light industry,etc.


1.Mould is fixed by four pillars. --more stable, precision, lower noise, high speed.

2.Touch screen and PLC use Siemens, Germany technology .

3.Sheet feeding use servo motor.

4.Fully servo driven noise,no vibration,forming good and fast.

5.Labor saving,only 1-2 workers packing

6.Stable pressure powerful action,high efficiency,energy conservation

7.Cast aluminium molds are cast at a foundry and typically have temperature control lines running through them. 

8.With hi-technology, it is endurable and reusable, which can be put in use for a long period.

9.Large scale production is able because it is totally automatic and powered by electricity, which has high productivity.


Max. Forming Area650*320mm
Max. Forming Depth125mm
Sheet Thickness0.3-1.8mm
Sheet Width660mm
Forming Speed30 times/min
Air Pressure0.6-0.8mpa
Air Consumption2.0m³/min
Water Consumption0.5m³/h
Rated Power98kw
Power SupplyAC 380V,50Hz, Three-phase,Four-wire
WeightAbout 5T


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