Yoghurt Cup Making Machine

Yoghurt Cup Making Machine

TQC-650B cup coffee thermoforming machine is used to produces plastic products such as plastic disposable cups, plastic bowls, ice cream cups, cold drinking cups, yoghurt cups, food boxes, bowls, plastic dishes, plastic trays, plastic covers, plastic lids and etc. Advantages: The machine is full...

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Yoghurt Cup Making Machine-----Description

TQC-750 plastic thermoforming machine(yoghurt cup making machine) adopt servo motor for sheet feeding and streching, PLC for programe, touch screen for operation, stable, low noise and high efficiency.  Suitable for producing plastic cups, yoghurt cup, fruit containers, bowls, trays, fast food boxes and etc.

Forming craft: plastic sheet stepping heating→mold closing→up mold stretch→press air forming→mold cooling→mold cutting→products blowing out/products stacking(need to equip cup stacking machine in addition)
Feature: machinery part is driving by hydraulic power system and electronic system controlled by PLC .



Yoghurt Cup Making Machine-----Procedures:

tqc 650b 资料图.png

Yoghurt Cup Making Machine-----Finished Product Samples:




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