Cake Cup Making Machine

Cake Cup Making Machine

Product Description Automatic Thermoforming machine( PP Plastic Coffee Cup Making Machine) is four pillars design,that means the machine can get more big forming area and more output and also with adopt Servo motor feeding,stretching and PLC control system,and with Germany energy saving heater...

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Product Details

Product Description

Fully-Automatic Plastic Thermoforming Machine(Cake cup making machine) is used to produce disposable water drinking cups, ice-cream cups, disposable cup/bowl for yogurt, lids, dishes, plates and etc.


1. The machine is completely automatic, productive speed is fast. Different products can be produced with different molds.

2. It uses import famous brands of electric and pneumatic fittings, so the operation is stable, quality is reliable and life is long.

3. The design of the mold is advanced and special, heat the thermoplastic plastic flake board and put on the mold, pull the piston, give the pressure to the air, keep the flake board close to the inside of the mold to form, then cut and automatically blow the product. The structure of the whole machine is compact, one mold has all the functions, like pressure giving, forming, cutting, cooling, and finished product blowing, so the process is short, quality of the finished product is high and matches with national sanitary standard.

tqc 650b 资料图.png

Machine parts:

*Servo Motor (Japan,YASKAWA)Under the condition of stable voltage, Servo motor to feed the sheet precisely to avoid wasting sheet.

*FRL(Filter,Regulator, Lubricator) Steady pressure, Filter water and with compressed air into the pneumatic components(cylinder), and atomize the lubricating oil.

*Large type oil pump motor(Shanghai, dedong 11kw)  and oil pump(Joint Venture,SCENERY)

*PLC Siemens, Germany

Circuit Breaker,Air switch (Schneider, France):A switch to control the normal operation of electric currency--protect the machine working.

*Contactor(Schneider, France):Control the load of electrical appliances, protect the electrical circuit. 

*Solenoid valve (Japan, SMC) Control cylinder movement.

Technical Parameters

TQC-650B 技术参数表.png


Cake cup making machine

Cake cup making machinenew plastic cup making machinenew plastic cup making machinenew plastic cup making machine

Cake cup making machine

Cake cup making machine

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We also have production line:
1.Plastic sheet extruder:use to produce PP,PS sheet from raw material.
2.Multi-station thermoforming machine:
to produce boxes,trays,lids,plates and other plastic container.
3.Curling machine:
curling the edge of cup.  It’s according to your sample. 
4.Cup stacking machine:
use to stack the cup automatically. also you can choose worker to stack the cups.
5. Grinder/crusher:
 it is used for recycle the waste sheet.
mixing the new material and the recycle material 
7.Cooling tower:  
the sheet extruder and thermoforming machine running need the cool water for working.
8. Plastic cup lid making machine: 
use to produce cup lid.
9.Cup printing machine:
use to print picture/design on the cup.
10. Counting and packing machine:
use to counting and packing the cup in plastic bag. also you can choose worker to count and pack the cups.
11. Air compressor:
extruder and thermoforming machine and stacking machine running need the air for working.

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