Automatic Lid Making Machine

Product Description Application Area: Plastic thermoforming machine adopts servo motor for sheet feeding and stretching, PLC for programme, touch screen for operation, stable, low noise, high efficiency, suitable for producing disposable products like plastic bowls, ice cream cups, cold drinking...

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Automatic Lid Making machine



Application Area:

This high-tech disposable plastic containers thermoforming machine is designed for making plastic water cups, snack boxes, food bowls ice creams, yogurt cups and plates, etc. you can produce different plastic containers just by replacing the moulds.The final products are widely used in food and beverage fields. It uses servo motor for sheet feeding and plug stretching.

Our quality guarantee

(1) We choose the good material to provide a reliable quality . 

(2) Our worker in production line with many years of working experience. Your order will be finished by the skillful worker .

(3) Our company focused on Innovation , design new product for better usage of client.

Automatic Lid Making machine Detail 

  1. Mobile is fixed four pillars, which makes this machine more stable, precision, lower noise,high speed.

  2. Touch screen and PLC use Siemens, Germany Brand

  3. Sheet feeding use servo motor, Yaskawa, Japan brand.

  4. The Guiding part, Driven by hydraulic system, is whole together part, more reliable and steady, long life time.

  5. Oil pump and oil pump motor ensure lower mould has enough movement speed and strong punching power

  6. Material holder combines with the machine, it can save workshop space, avoid electrostatic percipitation, easy to control.

  7. Mechanism movement part can be lubricated automatically at certain times, protecting machine.

  8. Heating tile adopts vacuum insulation cotton,saving more energy.

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