The difference between cup making machine and blister machine

- Sep 29, 2018 -

Cup making machine: general radiant heating combined with contact heating; positive pressure blowing forming combined with vacuum forming;

Metal-assisted thermostatic plunger (upper mold); edge-sealing during forming, stretch blow-in (suction) forming cut-off in one mold;

High production efficiency, suitable for automatic production of cups and dishes with uniform wall thickness and large requirements, strong professionalism; small size of molds; small number of fixed cavities; molds are generally expensive with steel; equipment is generally pneumatic and electric combination.

The blister machine has strong versatility, generally adopts radiant heating; few auxiliary positive pressure blow molding, general vacuum blister molding can complete the molding of most shells and cups and bowls; the versatility is better; the mold can be plastered , resin, aluminum alloy steel; mold cost lower mold area can be larger, easy to adjust; but generally without synchronous cutting, it need cutting equipment for punching products.

TQC-650B cup making machine.jpg


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  • PP Sheet Extruder
  • Food Container Thermoforming Machine
  • Water Cup Machine
  • Disposable Cup Forming Machine
  • Ps Thermoforming Cup Machine

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