Methods of moulding Plastics

- Dec 27, 2017 -

1. Cup-making machine cold pressing molding. We often call it cold pressure sintering molding, it and ordinary compression molding different point is at room temperature to promote the material pressure molding. The molded product after demoulding can be heated or cured by chemical action. This method is generally used in the molding of PTFE materials, and also for some high-temperature-resistant plastics (such as polyimide). The general process is made from the billet-sintering-cooling three steps.

2. Cup-making machine transfer molding. This is a thermosetting plastic molding method, molded plastic in the heating room to soften, and then pressed into the mold cavity has been heated by curing molding. Cup-making machine transfer molding according to the equipment and will be divided into different types of work: ① live plate; ② tank type; ③ plunger type.

Transfer molding requirements for plastics: Before the curing temperature, plastic should have a greater fluidity, to reach the curing temperature, but also have a faster curing rate. To meet this requirement, there are phenolic, melamine formaldehyde and epoxy resins.

3. Transfer molding has the following advantages: ① products have less waste edge, can reduce the processing volume, ② can be molded with fine or fragile inserts and perforation of the products, and can maintain the position of the insert and the hole is correct, ③ product performance uniformity, accurate size, high quality, ④ mold wear less. The disadvantage is: ⑤ mold manufacturing cost is higher than the compression mode, ⑥ plastic loss, ⑦ fiber reinforced plastics due to fiber orientation and produce anisotropy; ⑧ the plastic around the inserts, sometimes the strength of the product is reduced because of the tight fuse.

4. Cup-making machine low-pressure molding. Use a pressure or lamination method that is equal to or less than 1.4 MPa.

Low-pressure molding methods are used to manufacture reinforced plastics. Reinforced materials such as fiberglass, textiles, asbestos, paper, carbon fiber and so on. Most commonly used resins are thermosetting, such as phenolic, epoxy, amino, unsaturated polyester, silicone and other resins.

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