Full servo automatic positive and negative pressure forming machine

- Aug 23, 2018 -


Artificial intelligence, the system uses Siemens man-machine interface to adopt Delta color touch screen, professional operation screen, corresponding to the ordinary operation mode, to solve the upgrade control problem. The powerful memory space is equipped with automatic operation, manual operation, function setting, mechanical animation, fault display, equipment documentation, safety guidance and other interfaces. The whole system is safe and stable.

The feeding is carried out by motor lifting, the weight can be up to 200 kg, and the feeding piece is driven by a rubber roller, and two rods are provided for replacing the sheet.

The electric furnace is divided into two sections of heating design, made of heat-resistant stainless steel, Germany Erstein heating tile, Japan high temperature wire, high frequency porcelain joint, 120 heating tiles on the stove, 84 heating tiles under the furnace, maximum power 81.6KW, DPC digital Proportional regulator, one control and one temperature adjustment, and equipped with two sets of high-power SCR to control the furnace temperature, with a thermostat to control the furnace temperature, convenient data management. The electric furnace cylinder drive, power outage or overhaul the electric furnace exits the machine, which is safe and convenient.

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