Disposable paper cups are more environmentally friendly than disposable plastic cups?

- Sep 20, 2018 -

Disposable paper cups are more environmentally friendly than disposable plastic cups?

Imagine if someone asked you this question, how would you answer it? Maybe you will think that this is a sub-question, the answer is definitely a one-off paper cup; you will feel that if the answer is really simple, others will definitely not ask, it is definitely a brain teaser, where is buried a deep " "Pit", the routine is very deep, so you will hesitate and think twice; maybe your rigorous personality will lead you to repeatedly find evidence and discuss slowly. So, what should be done with this multiple-choice question? Is a disposable paper cup really more environmentally friendly than a disposable plastic cup?


In answering this question, we will take it for granted that plastic is a petroleum-based product that consumes oil and energy during its manufacturing process and is difficult to degrade after use. It is one of the white pollution. The main component of the paper cup is cellulose, which is a natural renewable resource. Although the production process may also cause pollution, but the petroleum product is not consumed, the energy consumption should be relatively low. The most important thing is that cellulose is easily degraded. It will produce white pollution. Therefore, most people think that disposable paper cups are definitely more environmentally friendly than disposable plastic cups. However, the more seemingly simple questions, the more interesting the stories are, and the facts are not as simple as they might be.


At the same time as the cloud, the data is the most powerful: Canadian scientist Hocking made a serious analysis of this, comparing the disposable hot drink container cup. He conducted a complete environmental assessment of disposable paper cups and disposable foam cups (PS, PS) from raw materials to processing procedures, materials and recycling options to final use and handling. The final conclusion is surprising. Paper cups are not only more environmentally friendly than plastic cups, but also have several times more pollution in the production process than plastic cups!

It can be seen from the above analysis that people have always had some misunderstandings about the environmental protection of disposable paper cups and disposable plastic cups. In fact, disposable paper cups are not necessarily environmentally friendly than disposable plastic cups, especially in the manufacturing process. A lot of energy consumption is a great waste of resources and environment, and disposable paper cups are not as easy to degrade as expected, and there are potential cancer-causing risks.


With the development of science and technology, it is possible that disposable bioplastic cups will gradually replace disposable paper cups and disposable plastic cups. From the perspective of everyone's health and sustainable development of resources, we should use the cups of disposable products as little as possible, instead of using glass cups and ceramic cups without color glaze. The cups of these two materials are not only in the firing process. It contains no organic chemicals and has a smooth surface and is easy to clean. Bacteria and dirt do not easily grow on the wall.

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