Cup-making machine technical series one of the blister machine molding

- Dec 27, 2017 -

The blister forming technology of the cup-making machine, namely, the thermoforming Technology of plastic sheet (plate) material, is a method in the second processing process of plastics. It is different from the injection type, extrusion molding of a one-time processing technology, not for plastic resin or particles for heating molding or through the die with the same section of continuous molding, and not the use of machine tools, knives and other machinery processing means, a part of the plastic processing materials cut down, to obtain the required shape, size, But for plastic sheet (plate) material, heating, using mold, vacuum or pressure to make the sheet (plate) material deformation, to achieve the required shape and size, supplemented by supporting processes, to achieve application purposes.

The blister forming equipment of cup-making machine includes clamping mode, heating mode, vacuum and compressed air system and forming mould etc. In addition, the cup making machine and the sheet machine also used a similar method to complete the operation.

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