PLC Control Automatically Plastic Cup Thermoforming Machine

PLC Control Automatically Plastic Cup Thermoforming Machine

Application: Plastic thermoforming machine(noodle cup making machine) adopts Japan Yaskawa servo motor for sheet feeding and stretching, Germany Siemens PLC for programme, touch screen for operation, stable, low noise, high efficiency, suitable for producing disposable products like plastic...

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Plastic cup thermoforming machine adopts Japan Yaskawa servo motor for sheet feeding and stretching, It is an ideal equipment to form PP,PS,HIPS,PVC,PET plastic sheets,which can be widely used to produce all kinds of plastic boxes, containers and other plastic wares, such as disposable cups, ice-cream cups, milk cups, chocolate boxes, candy boxes and fast-food boxes etc.The whole line controlled by Germany Siemens PLC. It is operates man-interface, which can works all by itself. Feeding system droved by chain and it adopt cam forming and cutting method. This is an automatic and efficient plastic cup forming machine which include feeding, heating, pulling, forming, cutting and stacking.      


1.Wide application, stable operation, low noise, reliable performance and high grade of finished products.

2.low center of gravity design, deep cup depth, stable operation, in line with the human body standing operation and observation of the best height.

3.The plug stretching part and sheet feeding adopts servo motor control.

4. Adopt “Siemens” PLC control and touch screen to ensure higher accuracy of each machine.

5.The machine is completely automatic, productive speed is fast. Different products can be produced with different molds.

6.It uses import famous brands of electric and pneumatic fittings, so the operation is stable, quality is reliable and   life is long.

7.Machine, electricity, gas integration, have manual, semiautomatic, automatic three operation function.

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Our services:
1. Warranty:1year warranty after installation, if the spare parts is broken in the warranty period, we will send a free replacement parts as free.
2. Installation and training: we can send  engineers to install and set up the machine.
3. Quotation: valid for 90days.

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