Plastic Glass Cup Forming Machine

Plastic Glass Cup Forming Machine

Plastic thermoforming machine adopts Japan Yaskawa servo motor for sheet feeding and stretching, Germany Siemens PLC for programme, touch screen for operation, stable, low noise, high efficiency, suitable for producing disposable products like plastic bowls, ice cream cups, cold drinking cups, yogurt cups, trays, plates, covers, lids, containers, etc.

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Plastic Glass Cup Forming Machine

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Plastic Glass Cup Forming Machine------Description

The machine is designed for four columns, that is, the machine can obtain larger forming area and larger production, and can also use servo motor feed, stretch and PLC control system. The energy saving heater in Germany can save 70% of energy.

Access to all digital functions by a touch screen

Touch screen and programmable PLC control

Temperature control ensures accurate temperature accuracy

Maintenance work is small and maintenance interval is long

Most components come from suppliers in many countries, ensuring reliability and compatibility worldwide.



Plastic Glass Cup Forming Machine------Samples

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