Full-automatic Disposable Plastic Cup Forming Machine

Full-automatic Disposable Plastic Cup Forming Machine

Plastic thermoforming machine adopts Japan Yaskawa servo motor for sheet feeding and stretching, Germany Siemens PLC for programme, touch screen for operation, stable, low noise, high efficiency, suitable for producing disposable products like plastic bowls, ice cream cups, cold drinking cups, yogurt cups, trays, plates, covers, lids, containers, etc.

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Full-automatic Disposable Plastic Cup Forming Machine

Machine Video:https://youtu.be/KP6-Rs5c71s

 Machine details:



cup drawing1cup drawing2

TQC 750details.png


  1. The capacity of production (per hour or per month)?
    It depends on your samples.Forming Area is 650mm*320mm
  2. Is the product include the engineer services (to explain us how does it works in our factory)?  
    Yes,we can engineers to customers factory for machine installation and training.
  3. Do you charge for sending engineers to our factory?
    For standard time,all free,for extra time,you need pay 120USD per day for engineers wage.
  4. What about the flight,visa charge?
    We pay airfare,If extra time due to endorsing,air ticket should be paid by customers.
  5. What about the accommodation fee?
    These should be paid by customers during installation and training.
  6. Whats your warranty date?
    Thirteen months warranty time since shipping.After this,we have unprofessional after-sales team to serve you.
  7. Is it included modules?
    No,Modules not include.Different modules different price.
  8. Is the installation include?



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