Corn Starch Sheet Cup Forming Machine

Corn Starch Sheet Cup Forming Machine

Plastic Cup Thermoforming & Cooling machine & Stacking & Counting & Packing Machine, This machine only needs one or two three workers to control, realize the full-automatic, it is modern life style machine, save worker salary, use machine to work instead of mankind to work.

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Corn Starch Sheet Cup Forming Machine

Machine Running Video:

Corn Starch Sheet Cup Forming Machine---Description

This machine is used for making disposable products as plastic cups, plastic bowls, ice cream cups, cold drinking cups, yoghurt cups, instant-food boxes and bowls, dishes, trays,lids and etc . 

This machine adopts PLC ,touch screen for operation controlling.

Four pillars structure to make the mould fixed.

Temperature cooling machine to make each area keep constant temperature.

The process consist of sheet feeding,heating,stretching cutting in one working station.



Corn Starch Sheet Cup Forming Machine---Samples

samples ---corn starch.jpg

Machine main parts


Technical Features

TQC-650B 技术参数表.png

 main products.png


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