Corn Starch Cup Forming Machine

Corn Starch Cup Forming Machine

Plastic Cup Thermoforming & Cooling machine & Stacking & Counting & Packing Machine, This machine only needs one or two three workers to control, realize the full-automatic, it is modern life style machine, save worker salary, use machine to work instead of mankind to work.

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Corn Starch Cup Forming Machine----Description

The thermoforming Machine adopt Servo motor feeding and PLC control system.Can produce various kind of disposable plastic cup, plastic containers of cooling drinks, sour milk, ice-cream,fast food, or instant noodle, as well as different kinds of merchandise packages of medicine, toy,journal. textile and light industry, etc. 

1.It adopts new drve,which features in stable operation,low noise and con venient operation and mainetenance.
2.Four-guide-pillar structure features in stable formation,small vibration and high percision.
3.Its caterplillar track adopts free-withdrawal design,which is convenient and quick for replacing mold.
4.Servo motor feeds sheet which a high precision.
5.Apply servo motor to extrude into formation,which features in quick extruding speed,quick reaction,accurate location and convenient opertion.

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Corn Starch Cup Forming Machine----Samples:

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Corn Starch Cup Forming Machine----Process

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