Ce Certified Cup Forming Machine

Ce Certified Cup Forming Machine

TQC Plastic thermoforming machine adopts Japan Yaskawa servo motor for sheet feeding and stretching, Germany Siemens PLC for programme, touch screen for operation, stable, low noise, high efficiency, suitable for producing disposable products like plastic bowls, ice cream cups, cold drinking cups, yogurt cups, trays, plates, covers, lids, containers, etc.

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Ce Certified Cup Forming Machine-----Description

This machine is four pillars design,that means the machine can get more big forming area and more output and also with adopt Servo motor feeding,stretching  and PLC control system,and with Germany energy saving heater can save energy 70%.Temperature control ensures precise temperature accuracy.Most of Components are from multi-national suppliers assures a reliability and worldwide compatibility.

tqc 650b 资料图.png

Ce Certified Cup Forming Machine-----Main Parameters

TQC-650B 技术参数表.png

TQC-650Main parts.png

Design Features:
In-mould Cutting
High accuracy and high yield products
Pick-up stacking system for more sanitary and save labor
Servo motor for plug assist and sheet feeding system
Rapid mould changing device
Mould automatic memory system
PLC design with easy operation. 

Ce Certified Cup Forming Machine-----Samples

Ce Certified Cup Forming Machine-----.jpg

样品 杯子.jpg

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