Pvc Egg Tray Forming Machine

Application: TTF series thermoforming machine is forming, cutting and stacking in one line. It is completely driven by servo motor, stable operation, low noise, high efficiency, suitable for producing plastic trays, containers, boxes, lids, etc. Main Technical Parameter: Specification: 1.Working...

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Pvc Egg Tray Forming Machine


PVC egg tray forming machine is  applicable to forming plastic sheet of HIPS, PS, PP, PVC, etc. It can process the products with high transparency, high stretch, shallow stretch, circular type, square type, irregular type, biaxial tension type and turnup type. It is widely used in producing all kinds of boxes, plates, trays, bowls, lids, industrial package, food package, cometics package and other types package in plastic area.



1.Working stations adopt four-pillar structure. --more stable and more precise.

2.Touch screen, PLC and servo motor adopt Delta brand from Taiwan.  

3. Sheet feeding driven by servo motor.

4.Heaters adopts “Elstein” from Germany, vacuum insulation cotton--save more energy.

Design feature

Automatic stacking, counting unit and conveyor system

On-site finishing technology brings neatness and the same trim (cutting)

Plug assistant for deep drawing

Floating knives and free knives are available for high shrinkage trimming films.

Additional contact heating plates are available to minimize power consumption.




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