Plastic Container Making Machine

Plastic thermoforming machine adopts servo motor for sheet feeding and stretching, PLC for programme, touch screen for operation, stable, low noise, high efficiency. suitbale for producing plastic container, plates ,cups etc

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Plastic Container Making Machine


1.Plastic container making machine is mainly use PET/PS/PP/HIPS sheet to make different kinds of disposable plastic products such as cold/hot drinking cup, yougurt cups, jelly cups, bowls, plate, dish and etc.

2.The stretching of plugs inside upper mould are controlled by servo motor.

3.The sheet feeding is driven by servo motor. The feeding width can be adjusted on touch screen.

4.The working performance is controlled by PLC from Simens.

5.Its made-up articles are widely used in all kinds of restaurants,fruit stores, drinks stores and other stalls owing to lightweight,tasteless, non-toxic and portable.

6.And its products are eco-friendly,doing no harm to the environment.

7.Reduce the manual, easy to operate, improve production efficiency, reliability, the high degree of automation, dedicated to the hot forming and automatic punching of the production line.

8.High production speed,outstanding performance,high qualified production.

   pp plate forming machine


pp plate forming machine

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