Jelly Container Making Machine

Plastic thermoforming machine adopts servo motor for sheet feeding and stretching, PLC for programme touch screen for operation, stable, low noise, high efficiency. suitable for producing container, bowls, cups etc

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TQC-650B plastic thermoforming machine_副本.jpg

Jelly Container Making Machine--- Application

Jelly Container Making Machine is a new type of machine developed by our company according to the market and customer's demand. The machine is a kind of multi-station automatic machine, which has the synchronous complete forming, punching, and cutting, so easy to get the end plastic products. Therefore, the input of labor and the cost of production is greatly reduced, and the work efficiency is much more improved. It can be applied to metal, food, medicine, cosmetics and other PS/PET/PVC plastic products. 



Jelly Container Making Machine--- Machine Detail

 specification 1   650B.png

specification 2 650B.png

Jelly Container Making Machine---Samples

TQC machine samples.png

jelly container.jpg


Jelly Container Making Machine--- Auxiliary Equipment

jelly container making machine


jelly container making machine

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jelly container making machine



jelly container making machine



  jelly container making machine

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