Plastic Fruit Salad Box Thermoforming Machine

Plastic Fruit Salad Box Thermoforming Machine

APPLICATION AREA Plastic thermoforming machine adopts servo motor for sheet feeding and stretching , PLC for programme, touch screen for operation, stable , low noise, high efficiency . PRODUCT Machine detail Samples Technical parameter OUR COMPANY Rui'an Litai Machinery CO.,LTD is founded...

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Product Details

plastic fruit salad box thermoforming machine




The machine is totally driven by servo motor which is forming, cutting and stacking in one line. Suitable for producing plastic trays, containers, food boxes and etc.The machine adopts the most advanced plastic thermoforming technology and was developed to be a forming machine of high production efficiency

Main Features

1) The electrothermal furnace’s temperature control system adopts full computerize intelligent automatic compensation controlling, individual partition adopts digital input, has a high precision fine-tuning, temperature uniformity, fast temperature elevation (only 3 minutes from 0-400 degrees), stability (not influenced by external voltage, temperature fluctuation is less than 1 degree)
2) Low energy consumption (energy saving about 15%), electrothermal furnace service life is long, etc
3) Integrate forming, cutting, stacking and counting
4) Movable electric furnace (all around moving), suitable for the smaller products

6) Leftover material automatic recycle

7) Electric furnace is removable from the device automatically

8) Automatic feeding devices, save labor intensity




 Technical  parameter


Machine detail



 Automatic hot tea cup plastic lid tray forming making machine



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