Cake Boxes Forming Machine

1. Working stations adopt four-pillar structure. --more stable and more precise.2. Touch screen, PLC and servo motor adopt Delta brand from Taiwan.3.Material holder combine with the machine.It can save workshop space,easy to control..Forming station adopts savro motor system,more stable and efficient.4.Forming station adopts savro motor system,more stable and efficient.5.Heaters adopts “Elstein” from Germany, vacuum insulation cotton--save more energy.

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Cake Boxes Forming Machine---Product description:

TTF series thermoforming machine is forming, punching,cutting and stacking in one line. It is completely driven by servo motor, stable operation, low noise, high efficiency.

Fully automatic forming and cutting machine integrates forming, cutting and stacking at the same time. It has the features of saving labor, improving efficient, lowing labor intensity and reducing production cost. It adopts PLC controller and touch screen to control the working program. Two workers are enough for whole production line.

The machine is plastic sheet forming equipment in one step with following process: transporting sheet, heating, forming, cutting, stacking and winding waste edge.


-- Disposable material for lunch box, bowl, tray, plate etc…

-- Internal cushioning material for food, fruits and cosmetics

Cake Boxes Forming Machine--- Sample:

Full Automatic Plastic Clamshell Fruit Boxes Thermmoforming Machine.jpg

Cake Boxes Forming Machine--- Technical Parameters

520AF 参数.png

Cake Boxes Forming Machine--- Specification

1.It adopts fully automatic temperature controlling, one manual filter changer device at the front of the machine to filtrate the impurity of the recycling material 2.The die head made by special alloy steel, follow one set of electric heater bands and automatic temperature controller,die head passageway is designed special, the press of granule formed need can be ensured. 3.Water channel adopts corrosion resistant plate, cooling water circulation, ensure the material line cooled blance and sufficient. 4.Granulator cutter adopts frequency speed control of motor drive, the speed of hauling off controlled accurate, the length of granule equality. 5.It is the ideal equipment to recycle the plastic scrap .It features compact structure and easy operation.



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