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PRODUCT Machine detail Application area: Full automatic BOPS thermoforming machine TQA-520/580 is a high tech manual equipment integrated electromechanic pneumatic integration design, suitable for producing different kinds of disposable plastic products, such as f a st f oo d c on t a i n e r s,...

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 Full-automatic Bops thermoforming&stacking machine


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Full-automatic Bops thermoforming&stacking machineFull-automatic Bops thermoforming&stacking machine




BOPS plastic thermoforming machine adopts the latest international plastic thermoforming technology to develop a high-efficiency, fully automatic plastic pneumatic thermoforming equipment, namely, heating forming, slicing and winding, and the general product cycle is 3-5 seconds. Adapt to processing BOPS, PVC, HIPS, PET, PS and other plastic sheets. BOPS plastic pneumatic thermoforming machine adopts machine-electric-gas integration design controlled by microcomputer (PLC), with manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic three running functions.

It is suitable for producing different kindsof disposable plastic products, such as fast food containers, dishes, trays, bowls, lids, boxes for preserved fruits, pickles, candies, cakes, chocolates, snacks, fast food, package for vegetables, fruits, freezed products,toys, hardware, etc

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Full-automatic Bops thermoforming&stacking machine


Full-automatic Bops thermoforming&stacking machine


Full-automatic Bops thermoforming&stacking machine


 Full-automatic Bops thermoforming&stacking machine

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